Sacramento Linux Users’ Group

general meeting

January General Meeting

When: Tue January 16, 2024 06:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Speaker: You

Location: Kupros

Social. Hang out and drink beer and talk GNU/Linux. If you have a gadget you have or some code, please bring it and show and tell.

Meeting notes

provided by Gary!

I’d like to thank Brian for hosting the group meeting at Kupros last night.

It was supposed to be mostly social, but we ended up talking a lot of Linux. He mentioned that his new laptop seemed to have many options for the core configuration and we started to discuss how this was possible and might have gone off the deep end :)

We looked at some of the details of the C code for the navigation app and it was interesting to see the API’s for accessing the sensor data. I hadn’t played with that stuff for quite a while. We discussed the ease of accessing sensor data provided by a phone vs usb add on.

And the happy hour snack and beer weren’t bad either.

Published Wed 27 December 2023 by Brian E. Lavender